Unmanned kiosk allows a simple payment using Barcode Scan

Onestop Login

A verification QR code is generated in the simple payment app supporting an easy identity authentication and login service

MKC payment

The payment process of a product registered on a kiosk is supported with the linked payment system provided by BKC

B2C/C2C immediate exchange

BKC members are allows the transaction such as buy/sell through the linked exchange

Direct remittance/External remittance

Remittance is supported between the BKC members as well as to external wallets

The virtuous cycle ecosystem using Market Coin, BKC

BKC Project provides online/offline simple payment using Market Coin (MKC). MKC can be used by registering at an electronic wallet or with a prepaid IC card

It supports an international remittance service using Bank Coin (liquidity coin, BKC) which allows to track the remittance process and provides quick remittance speed.

About BKC

The platform that leads the blockchain ecosystem market by anyone to automatically generate the TOKEN simply and quickly

Independent Settlement System

BKC Project does not use the existing card network. It reduces the service fee by using its independent network and payment settlement system

Inclusion of financially disadvantaged class

BKC Project provides a convenient financial transaction to the financially disadvantaged classes

Simple Payment

BKC Project supports App2App (QR Show & Scan) function using BKC Wallet, registering of prepaid IC card as well as a payment service

Global Remittance

Domestic remittance allows MKC remittance and account transfer through the linked account. International remittance is automatically linked with the cash or MKC applied exchange at BKC. It automatically swaps to BKC and transfers to the remittance receiver.

Card registration and linking

The card registration function is provided for using own card. The linked card allows to use POS through payment methods such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and MST (Magnetic secure transmission).

Stability using a blockchain

The system is operated under a reliable security system by storing the balance of MKC and transaction history of users’ performance of recharge/transaction/remittance.


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BKC Project Ecosystem

The users within the BKC Project allows to perform payment and remittance by recharging the MKC in the app, exchange or Kiosk. The cash can become a point through purchasing of a real IC card (credit card, cash, account transfer etc.) or a prepaid mobile card.

The purchased point is called as Market Coin (MKC) and can be used as a means of online and offline payment method. In addition, the MKC will be remitted to an electronic wallet, one of the BKC project by automatically exchange the Market Coin and its own establish exchange or by purchased as a desired coin.


  • BKC Payment System: A system that handles all tasks related to confirmation/payment/settlement occurring when making a prepaid IC card using MKC issued by BKC.
  • Simple payment app: A wallet-based payment app that stores the BKC issued MKC and allows the linking of various credit card and accounts
  • Online/Offline payment process module (H/W, S/W): A resource development (Online: payment API, Offline: POS, Kiosk etc.) that allows the payment in online or offline using BKC issued MKC or IC Card
  • Blockchain transaction process module: A various technique development for managing and storing a primary information of users (User’s identity authentication, balance, usage history management etc.)
  • Exchange: An exchange that allows to purchase or exchange the BKC coin or BKC issued MKC as well as other coins (remittance purpose)



• Developed Ethereum / Ripple based payment solution
• Structured blockchain project team


• Applied for a patent cryptocurrency trade technology
• Changed to ERC-20 platform


• Developed BKC exclusive wallet
• Structured a project ecosystem
• Started developing service protocol


• Maintained the launch of Liquidity EX
• MOU of network corporation
• Began BKWW marketing
• Tested global shopping mall system
• Tested global payment system

2021 1Q

• Completion of global shopping mall system development
• Completion of global payment system establishment

2021 2Q

• Partnership with online/offline cooperated companies
• Global virtual asset exchange list
• Expansion of global marketing
• Expansion of global project business

2021 3Q

• Rally promotion of core countries

2021 4Q

• Stabilization of world institutional sectors


• Expansion of ecosystem(Ver2.0) and introducing addtional business models

Token Plan

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